The main aim is the support to the person and to the quality of his/her life to detect new holistic models to take care of people in all stages of their lives and proposing original and innovative strategies.

The method “together for” is founded on the commitment to broadening the potentialities, augmenting the results, planning the projects along the time. The contribution of each one can open new paths, consolidate established projects, encourage their evaluation and monitoring.

The ideas and the programmes that can improve the quality of life making it active for each stage of life come out from an interdisciplinary context. This environment is not restricted to single segments as health, social services, sport, art or tourism and the protection of vulnerable people.


The foundation wants to be an ideal place for meeting and discussion where everyone can give their contribution of ideas and actions to carry out initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of all people and particularly fragile ones.

Supporting the research and experimentation of new social and welfare models is considered a strategic and indispensable value if you want to build a more equitable and supportive society.


The foundation was born by the encounter of persons with different characteristics regarding their interests and professionalism but united by the full agreement to sustain the persons and the quality of their existence.

General Management

Rosaria Alvaro


Loredana Sasso


Gennaro Rocco

Alessandro Stievano

Scientific Director

Roberto Volpe

Sandro Franco

Federico Spandonaro

Pietro Masi

Roberto Moccaldi


De Angelis Paolo

Delfini Alessandro

Di Carlo Alfonso


The Foundation is a laboratory of projects in an ongoing evolution and it proposes, via agreements and memorandums of understanding with other public and private entities of:

  • To set up an international centre of research and a centre of documentation to achieve the institutional aims and the widespread of the generated evidence.

  • To elaborate and develop research projects on different aspects of “life to years”. This will allow to develop results also through the transfer of outcomes to third parties and to realize spin-offs.

  • To organise educational programmes, meetings, scientific events, to promote knowledge and professionalism to sustain
    quality to life;

  • To plan and realize programs to sensitize and strengthen the assistance and the occasions to allocate the time to active and
    recreational aims.


The activities of the Foundation are taking place according to the guidelines described in the Statute:

  • Putting first the utmost quality of pathways and results, with the rigorous respect of the principle of affordability;

  • Non-existence of profit purposes, reinvesting the patrimonial gains and the resources acquired in action, in line with the social aims of the Foundation;

  • Looking for the utmost democratic nature in the decision-making processes and building the relationships, between the Founders and the promoters, on reciprocal respect and up for debate.


Public Budgets

The Foundation, according to the current regulations and to offer a broad information, draws its own financial statements, both in financial or economic estate ways together with the integrative notes in the form required by the Italian Civil Code.