Age does not matter.
Health matters. Always.

A rapidly ageing society, an increase in chronic diseases, a rise in the cost of the cure, an exploding request for assistance and a lack of resources. The Italian health system is bound to collapse?

To us of the “Together to give life to years” Foundation, No!! The social and health universal system, fair and sustainable is a too precious good. It has to be defended, improved, relaunched with courageous strategies and innovative models.
Our team of professionists has decided to join competencies and experiences to detect and experiment new models of holistic care of the person. It is a multidisciplinary approach that aims at the scientific research and at the collaborations with other public and private institutions.
With us you can sustain your project owing to the professional and economic contributions that the Foundations is collecting on the key themes of sustaining people and quality of life in all stages of life.
To listen to, to foster and to encourage are our guidelines. To advance innovative solutions to the crisis of the health systems is our goal. We are waiting for your ideas and your support!! Together, we could give more quality to the years of our lives and to the years of lives of future generations.




The Foundation

The Foundation was born from the meeting of people with different characteristics and vocations for interests, professionalism and experiences, united by the full sharing of the purposes of supporting the person and the quality of their existence together.